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My work 'The Breath of the Forest'

September 7, 2018


Link of this work on soundcloud:




This work is highly immersive when using professional headphone while listening! But if you are using normal headphones with weak low frequencies (such as the headphone bought with your iPhone), please listen with this link instead: Yi-chenglin – The-breath-of-the-forest-for-normal-headphone

This is a work for memorizing the trip visiting the Plitvice Lakes National Park at Croatia, and reflect the live and the breath of the forest. It is very important to have natural sound to speak itself, therefore, I compose this work with 50 % of soundscapes and 50% of electronic (with chamber music sound) music. The soundscapes are not backgrounds, but foreground mingled with electronic chamber music part. In this work, I use granular synthesis to mimic the 'heart-beat' of the nature.

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