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Chairman, Taiwan Computer Music Association

2019/02/22 - now

  • Taiwan Computer Music Association is an organization with members of musicians, composers, engineers, and dancers. We held international events, concerts, workshops, etc. to share various kinds of electronic-related music. 

  • website:

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Chief Music Officer, AMPai Music, Taiwan

2018/11/16 - now

  • Leading team to build the AI composition system.

  • Designing music AI models and application

  • Developing unit tools for AI composition

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Director of Music Technology, AMPai Music, Taiwan


  • Developed a prototype of the AI Composition System

  • Designed music AI models and application

  • Researched in new AI technologies in music applications

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Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University



  •  Taught "Appreciation and Technology of Film Music"

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Assistant Professor, University of Taipei


  •  Taught "Appreciation and Technology of Film Music"

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Assistant Professor, Fu-Jen Catholic University


• Teach composition lessons, orchestration, and 20th century music.

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Doctor of Musical Arts, Composition (minor: music theory), School of Music, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, USA

2006/02/01- 2008/05/31

  • GPA 3.96/ 4.0

  • Finished Doctoral Dissertation “Bass Clarinet Concerto –Taiji- the Origin of Xi-Xiang(Four Phenomena)” (ca. 20 min.) in three months.

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Master of Music, Composition, School of Music, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, USA


  • Major in Music-Composition

  • Worked with Prof. Steve Demski and Prof. Laura Schwendinger.

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Eloise K. Heaton Fellowship, Setnor 


  • A tuition scholarship as well as a 9,400 stipend offered by Syracuse University in 2004- 2005. (Due to personal reason, did not accept it, but attend UW-Madison instead)


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