for you!

        As an academic composer and software engineer,  I eliminate the gap between artist and engineering, seamlessly integrate technologies and arts,  and bring innovative ideas for your projects. No matter your projects are about VR, immersive music, algorithmic composition, Max/MSP project, developing an App or a musical tool, etc., You are more than welcome to cooperate with me, even remotely!   Noted that please contact me in advance for scheduling my time, since usually, I was pre-occupied with more than two projects working on simultaneously!

Cooperation for Free and Friendship

 If you are a specialist in a certain field (such as filmmaker, artists, designer, …etc), and you need someone to write music for your projects without setting any subjective point of views about what the music should be (that means, you give me almost the entire freedom in terms of aesthetics to compose the music or design the music for the project). Then, just contact me without any hesitation via Of course, as cooperation with friendship, I assume that I will get the credits for your project I am involved in, right?

Cooperation by Case

If you are seeking for a music-technology specialist to give a lecture, speech, write a simple script or Max/MSP patch for your work, etc, then I might charge you case by case. Do not hesitate, just contact me via, and we can discuss the task!